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Instructional Materials

Social Media for The Business World

Grade Level

High School, Grades 9 and 11


Marketing Concept Being Presented

Social Media Content Calendars


Session Learning Objectives

Learning, activities, and assignments for this unit on Social Media Content Calendars will address the following session-specific learning objectives: (1) explain a social media content calendar and its benefits, (2) apply Facebook Insights information to Facebook Business Page posts, and (3) plan three posts in a social media content calendar for a Facebook Business Page.



The Do Now/Take 5 Anticipatory Set is augmented by informative class discussions and activities intertwined with real-world stories to communicate social media concepts and principles to the group. Mixing the session's in-class assignments and presentations with individual learning, small group work, and whole class participation addresses those who are comfortable learning alone and those who prefer working in active groups. As I strive to meet the needs of each type of learner a couple of times per topic, a variety of instructional delivery methods are incorporated in this session. This approach follows the theory that “learning is more thorough and is retained better if multiple modes are used to input and process information.” Instructional materials included in the session on Social Media Content Calendars are: (1) Do Now/Take 5 warm-up assignment, (2) PowerPoint slides with notes, (3) social media content calendar in-class, small group exercise, and (4) “3-2-1 Minute Paper” Classroom Assessment Technique (CAT).


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Instructional Material: Homework-Turned-Pop-Quiz
Do Now/Take 5 | Facebook Business Page Posts

In this real-world simulation, students will create three posts for their small business’ Facebook Business page in just five minutes. In doing so, students will experience what social media posting last-minute and without a plan looks and feels like.

nstructional Material: PowerPoint Slides with Notes
PowerPoint Slides with Notes |
Social Media Content Calendars

Content calendars are an invaluable, real-world marketing tool.  This PowerPoint presentation with notes serves as an introduction to social media content calendars.

Instrutional Material: In-Class Group Exercise
In-Class Group Exercise | Social Media Content Calendar

The social media content calendar group exercise affords the students the opportunity to experience social media marketing for a business relevant to them: a classmate's business.  Students share their posts with the class and, as a group, we discuss their posts' relevance to the student's business and target audience. The classmate/owner of the business then provides his thoughts on the students' suggested posts.

Instrutional Material: "Muddiest Point" CAT
"3-2-1 Minute Paper" CAT  | Social Media Content Calendars

The “3-2-1 Minute Paper” given during the last 5 minutes of class will help me learn what concepts the students understand and found most interesting, which points the students found the least clear or most confusing in the lesson, and determine how to most effectively move forward with the material in class.

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